FarmFresh is a platform that connects local farmers that sell delicious, seasonal, and fresh food to consumers directly. Our approach in designing the platform is to focus on building a friendly design that complemented the brand with a clear UX/UI. The goal is a simple marketplace that makes finding fresh food from local farmers easy, convenient, and attractive.


When consumers buy fruits and vegetables from their grocery stores most of them are shipped from all over the world, while it is great to have options unfortunately these produce usually sits in cold storage for days if not weeks. FarmFresh connects consumers directly with local farmers that sell fresh seasonal produce.


Branding, Graphic Design, UX/UI, Web, App




We made a fresh, approachable brand focus on organic qualities. The website and the app made finding and selecting food easy for consumers. It also features the local farmers, personalized recommendations, and various video content suggesting creative recipes beyond produce.

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