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I'm a product designer focused on digital product and brand system.


Innovative design director bringing brands to life with strategic expertise

I offer a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise, honed through my multidisciplinary background in design leadership, brand systems, and user experience. My expertise in developing strong, mission-driven brands that resonate with users makes me the perfect fit for companies with positive social impact. My design approach prioritizes empathy, collaboration, and a holistic process that emphasizes both aesthetics and storytelling to inspire and connect with people.

Creative Process

Building a modern digital product means having a clear vision and solid strategy.

01. Discovery and Research

The design process begins with gaining a full view of the project. This includes interviewing key stakeholders, assessing the brand’s position and within your industry, and facilitated workshop to discuss the vision for your company or project.

02. Ideation and Design

Once the research and discovery are completed, the next phase is ideation, a foundational strategy, and bringing designs to life. This part of the process tends to be different with each project and client. Clients' collaboration is welcomed and encouraged.

03. Implementation

After finalizing the design of your project, the next step is to strategize how the completed project will be unveiled to make the most impact. Most importantly, I will help you identify opportunities for the project’s future growth.


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