NAFSA Career Print
The project was to design a new digital product to provide personalized career assessment, guided learning programs, mentorship, and resources for higher education professionals in the international educator field. The goal was to create a tool that would help educators assess their career path and provide guidance on how to accelerate their career ladder within their field.
Project Role: Design lead
Date: 2017
Research & Insights
To understand the user needs and pain points, we conducted in-depth surveys and interviews with our passionate members and analyzed data from surveys and online resources to gather a comprehensive understanding of the current career development landscape.

The finding from the data revealed that many educators struggle with understanding their career trajectory and the skills necessary to advance. They often feel stuck in their current position and don't know how to move forward. Many also lack access to resources and mentorship that can guide them in their career development.

‍ We also found that many educators have a strong desire to continue learning and growing professionally. They want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies in their field.

Our solution was to create a digital product that provides a personalized career assessment, resources, and mentorship opportunities for educators. The product would be designed to provide insights into the user's strengths and areas for growth, as well as offer guidance on career paths and necessary skills to advance.

We developed a user-friendly interface that would enable educators to easily navigate the product and access resources. We also created a mentorship program that would match educators with experienced professionals in their field, providing guidance, support, and networking ability.
The UX/UI design process began with wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes. We then conducted user testing to gather feedback on the design and functionality of the product. Based on the user feedback, we made changes and developed high-fidelity prototypes.

We utilized a clean and modern design with a focus on usability and ease of navigation. We also created a user-friendly dashboard that would enable educators to track their progress and access resources.
The digital product was well-received by educators, who praised the personalized career assessment and mentorship program. The product has helped many educators understand their career trajectory and provided them with the necessary resources to advance. The mentorship program has also been successful, with many educators reporting that they have received valuable guidance and support.

Overall, the digital product has been successful in promoting career growth and providing valuable resources and mentorship opportunities for educators in the international educator's field.


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